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13 Jul 2023

Corfu Family Holiday: Ultimate Guide to Holidays with Family

What you will learn from this article


Are you traveling to Corfu with family this summer? Keep on reading to find:

  • – The best activities to do in Corfu with kids
  • – Reasons why Corfu is the perfect destination for family vacations
  • – The best places to stay during your stay on the island

And of course tips to make your trip even better/.

Let’s Get Started…!


A Corfu family holiday is one of the best decisions you could ever make! This Greek Island is perfect for people with children since it has absolutely everything that you will need!


In Corfu there are plenty of activities that your kids will enjoy. They will not be bored, not even for a minute, during your stay there.


From what to do once you set your foot to the island and why Corfu is great for families till where to stay, you will find everything you will need in this article. Get informed and spoil your little ones with amazing adventures that you will love too! 


Key Takeaways?

  • 1. Corfu offers plenty of activities for kids, including waterparks, beach exploration, donkey rescue visits, Greek food tasting, museum tours, boat trips, and more
  • 2. Corfu is perfect for family holidays with its sandy beaches, affordable options, delicious food, great weather, unique traditions, welcoming locals, and breathtaking beauty.
  • Recommended areas to stay in Corfu with families include Benitses, Messonghi, Palaiokastritsa, Kassiopi, Roda, Acharavi, and Sidari. Tips include planning ahead and considering car rental.

Family Holidays to Corfu

Family Holidays to Corfu

Corfu with kids might seem a bit difficult, but we assure you that it is not! With all of these tips and recommendations, there is no way that you will not find a way to keep your children entertained.


Family holidays in Corfu are actually really fun, interesting and very informative. The kids will gather so much new information in such a fun and not boring way, that it will stick to them and they will be able to use it in the future.


In the following part you will come across some of the most fascinating thing you can do to do in Corfu with kids, all suitable for how many days in Corfu you will be staying. 

Things to do in Corfu for families with kids

Things to do on Corfu with Family

Family holidays to Corfu Island and you cannot wait? We totally understand!


What about the kids thought? How will they be engaged in a fun way during your stay in the island?


We will present to you the top ten activities that are really fun not only for your children but for you as well! Your Corfu family holidays just took a whole other turn.


Are you ready to explore Corfu in a way you never thought you would?

Corfu Aqualand Waterpark

Waterpark Corfu Things to do

Corfu Aqualand Waterpark is one of the biggest waterparks in Europe. Here your kids adrenaline will hit red since the park is equipped with over 50 slides, many polls and of course numerous of games for all ages. The park is open everyday during the “hot season”, from May till September.

Corfu Beaches

Beaches Corfu Things to do with Family

One the other things to do in Corfu for families is to explore all the beautiful beaches. You can either do it by car or by boat.


Keep in mind that some beaches are indeed only accessible by boat which will be of course a great adventure for your kids. 

Corfu Donkey Rescue

Donkey Rescue Corfu Things to do with Family

In the top things to do with kids in Corfu, and might stand out to be exact, is to visit the Corfu Donkey Rescue. A fun and one-of-a-kind activity for children and not only!


Abused and abandoned donkeys finally found the love they deserve. Your kids will have the chance to cuddle with them, feed them and discover many new things. 

Greek Food Tasting

Greek Food Tasting Corfu Things to do with Family

Corfu, and Greece in general, is renowned for its food, the traditional recipes and the amazing products. The traditional dishes are absolutely delicious and your kids will not be the only ones that will love them…


You can even do gastronomy tours around Corfu Old Town. Talk with the locals about the traditional dishes and the products. You can even find small shops that sell them, so you can add back home a little Greek aroma to your food. 

Museum Hopping

Museums Corfu Things to do with Family

While we keep going on the list of things to do in Corfu with kids, we should not forget that Corfu has a very rich history. That’s why there are so many museums and historical sites that you should visit.


Creating a fun day at a museum is not as hard as it sounds. Nowadays, most of the foundations and the institutions have tours specifically adjusted to young visitors. So, problem solved!

Boat Tours

Boat Tours Corfu Things to do with Family

Another fun activity is to take a boat tour around Corfu Island! That way you will explore many more things that you couldn’t see otherwise and the kids will love playing on deck!


Most of the boat tours and the daily cruises have barbeque in the middle of the day and some of them even host parties.

Discover Corfu Old Town

Old Town Corfu Things to do with Family

Are you wondering if there is any activity among the things to do in Corfu with toddlers? Well of course there is!


Strolling around Corfu Old Town is the safest and most easy activity you can do if you have a toddler with you. You and your company can explore the city without the baby getting tired. If you want a place for the kid to play and run around, head to Spianada square.

Explore the Villages

Villages Corfu Things to do with Family

If you want to witness the true everyday life of the locals you should head out to the island’s villages. There are many villages, other near the city while others more far away, that you can discover.


Explore the other side of the island, away from the big crowds and the noise and you will definitely not regret it. 

Corfu Aquarium

Aquarium Corfu Things to do with Family

The Corfu Aquarium is a perfect opportunity to discover more about the sea life of the island. There is a variety of Corfu’s marine life and the kids will learn so much about it.


After that you can drive straight to one beach and go snorkeling and try to see some of the things they just learned!

Tour in glass-bottomed Boat

Glass Bottomed Tour Corfu Things to do with Family

Last but not least on the list with the things to do in Corfu with kids is the amazing activity of booking a tour in a glass- bottomed boat. You should book an activity like that after visiting the aquarium, since the kids will go crazy after that and they will not be able to stop thinking about it!

Why is Corfu perfect for Family Holidays

Corfu Perfect Vacation with Family

Are you still not sure that family holidays to Corfu are the best option? We are here to change your mind!


While you keep reading this article, ten reasons, one better than the other, will appear right in front of your eyes and they will persuade you that Corfu for families is a paradise on earth. Your family holiday Corfu will take all your stress away and it will keep your children happy and activated all day long.


At night they will sleep like the angels they are and the next day they will be ready for more adventure! But we will let the following part assure you… 

Sandy Beaches

Corfu Sandy Beaches for families with Kids

The best sandy beaches Corfu are here to blow your mind! The kids will love them and you won’t have to worry, since in many of them the waters, besides being crystal blue and beautiful, are shallow and really safe for the little ones. Let them play and just sit back and relax… 

Many Activities

Activities with Family Corfu Things to do with Family

In Corfu you will find many activities for your kids. As you saw above, there are many things that you can do as a family and our little friends will definitely enjoy. From water activities to museum trips and to making new animal friends, the kids will be absolutely thrilled!  


Affordable Corfu

Especially if you are a big family, the financial part of your holidays is an important one. The good news is that Corfu is really affordable without having to depart yourself from anything fun. 


From hotel bookings to activities and food, Corfu is a real low-cost destination.

Many Options

Many options in Corfu

Corfu is the 2nd largest island in the Ionian and the 7th largest in Greece. So, as you can understand, it is a very big island and for that it has many options, from which you can choose what suits best your needs. 

Delicious Food

Delicious food in Corfu

Greece is very well known for its traditional dishes and the amazing taste of its food. There is no way that during your visit in Corfu you will not taste their products and their delicious recipes.


Your kids will positively love every single bite. But be careful! They might love it so much that you might need to learn the recipes and do them at home. 

Great Weather

Great Weather on Corfu

The weather in Greece, among everything else, will not let you down. It is mostly sunny, especially during summertime.


The temperature is high and that’s why you won’t be able to keep yourself away from the beach for too long (nor will you want to).

Unique Traditions

Corfu Unique Traditions

Corfu is a very traditional island and it is influenced from the Venetians, English and French. From walking down the street you can tell the rich history of the island.


But it is not just that! Apart from everything else, Easter in Corfu is filled with historic events and activities that you will doubtless not want to miss. 

Welcoming Locals

Welcoming locals on Corfu Island

It is very important that in the country you are visiting you feel welcome. The locals in Corfu are very kind and want to make your stay on the island as memorable as possible.


They are always willing to help you out and they want you to feel safe! We all hope that you get that impression too.  


Best Scenic Drives in Corfu

The roads in Corfu are safe and easy to drive on. You should of course be careful since you are not familiar with them and there will be many things that you don’t know, but other than that driving around in Corfu is really fun.


Don’t forget that the amazing scenery that you will witness will keep your kids occupied and mostly happy. 

Breathtaking Beauty

Corfu Outstanding Beaty

And since we talked about great scenery, in Corfu there are amazing places that similar you have never seen before. Beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, unique sea life, historical areas, picturesque streets, old mansions, fortresses and many more that will blow your mind! 

Best Places to stay on Corfu with Families

Places to Stay on Corfu with Family

Are you thinking about where to stay in corfu? Many family resorts Corfu are located in Benitses and Messonghi, since the winds there are not strong, so the beaches are kid friendly. In Messonghi there is the shallowest and safest beach of the island.


There you will find plenty of restaurants and taverns. Benitses is close to Corfu Town, so your range of options widens.


Palaiokastritsa it is for sure one of the most beautiful villages of the island. The Corfu family resorts there are a great choice, since nearby there is the aquarium and the most kid- friendly shores on the island. Don’t forget to rent paddle boats to explore the sea!


Kassiopi, Roda and Acharavi on the North have the best family resorts Corfu when it comes to relaxation away from the crowds.


Sidari is the best option for family hotels Corfu, mostly for the ones who have older children or teens. The village is one of the most romantic spots in the island. 

Tips for Family Holidays on Corfu

Tips for family holidays Corfu

Since we already talked about the best areas that the Corfu family hotels are, it is time to discuss about the best resorts in Corfu for families. Here are three very simple tips that can change your whole trip!


The best family hotels Corfu are waiting for you to make your stay on the island unforgettable. But how do you know which one is the best for you?


Keep on reading to find out how you will come across the best accommodation for your family holidays Corfu.

Family Resorts & Hotels in Corfu

In order to discover the best resort for you, it must suit your needs. However you dream of your vacation, the hotel you are staying in must be able to provide you with anything you ask for.


That’s how you will know that you found the resort that is best for you. Check the availability in the areas above for the best hotel for you and your family.

Write it down 

There are many things to see and do in Corfu. Making a program will definitely solve your hands and will make your days on the island much easier.


You won’t have to worry about missing anything and you will get to see all the amazing things that you want to!

Renting a car

If you want to make your transportation around the island as easy as it can be, we suggest you Corfu car hire 7 seater for you and your family.


A 7-seater car is the perfect option for families visiting Corfu, offering ample space and comfort for everyone to travel together. With plenty of room for kids and luggage, families can easily explore the island’s attractions, creating lasting memories on their unforgettable vacation.


That way you will drive around in comfort and style and you will have all the space that you need. Choose your car now!


Your family holidays Corfu just became a lot more interesting and fun for our little friends! With all those adventures there will for sure keep Corfu in a special place in their hearts.


As for you, you will be able to enjoy those activities as much as your kids and maybe even more, since you will be seeing how happy they will make them. By following our tips you will also make your trip much easier for everyone.


Don’t forget to check out the complete Corfu Greece travel guide. The island is waiting for you…!

Author Spiros

Is corfu family friendly?

Yes, Corfu is a family-friendly destination with activities and attractions suitable for all ages.

Is corfu for families?

Yes, Corfu is an ideal destination for families, offering a range of family-friendly amenities and attractions.

Which part of Corfu is best for families?

The northern part of Corfu, particularly resorts like Sidari and Acharavi, is popular among families due to its sandy beaches and family-oriented facilities.

Is Corfu or Crete better for family holidays?

Both Corfu and Crete have family-friendly features, but it depends on personal preferences. Corfu is known for its lush greenery and charming towns, while Crete offers a diverse range of activities and historical sites.

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