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Corfu Guide

Why Corfu?


The second-largest of the Ionian Islands was one of the first Greek destinations to embrace mass tourism. Yet Corfu has far more to offer than just sun, sea and souvlaki. It is located just west of the Greek mainland and the southern coast of Albania. Shaped like a sickle, with its hollow side facing inwards, the island is about 65 kilometres long and 32 kilometres across at its widest point.

There are 217 kilometres of coast, although anyone venturing inland will find that the interior has at least as much to offer as the shore. Much of Corfu is mountainous. At 906 metres above sea level, its highest peak, Mount Pantokrator, is visible from most places on the island.

These days, Corfu caters for everyone, including those who prefer to travel independently or who want to elude busy resorts.

Corfu is an island which enchanted poets and kings It’s the port which linked the East to the West.

This place offered shelter to Ulysses , the divisive hero of Homer, it was chosen by Poseidon to indulge into his love for Amphitriti, and still it continues to welcome and inspire its visitors to this day: With its pretty, romantic, natural, historic and above all spontaneous nature, visitors find Corfu to be a really charming place. Visitors tend to ask hotel reception desks the same question: “Can I stay here a little more?;”

Europeans no longer consider it to be an exotic destination, however it continues to be one of the most fascinating places in Europe. It offers an impressively varied flora, desert beaches, crystal water, narrow paths through thick, perennial olive trees , Byzantine churches , medieval villages, traditional Greek taverna’s (small restaurants) as well as modern accommodation and amusement facilities. Corfu is a place which refreshes the mind and reactivates the human senses.

The climate of the archipel of Corfu is warm Mediterranean. The summer here is warm and relatively dry with a blue sky, often cooled by seasonal breezes, offering the ideal conditions for Surfing, while rarely is it interrupted by rains. The mountainous areas are cooler. The winter here is mild. Rainfall occurs mainly from November till March. On average, there are 3000 hours of sun per year with an average daily sunshine duration of 8,5 hours.

Kanoni - Pontikonisi


Pontikonisi, otherwise known as Mouse Island is probably Corfu’s most significant trademark landscape, located in Kanoni (5 minuets from Corfu town). There are regular boat trips available to take you to visit this small island to experience its magical beauty for yourself. Another highly recommended attraction from Sluta Leta rent a car in Corfu.

Aqualand Village


Sluta Leta car Rental Corfu propose Aqualand Waterpark as the place to visit for a truly extraordinary experience. Not only is it one of the largest water theme parks in Europe, it also consists of a number of shops and places to eat. Whether its riding the flumes, playing amongst the waves, or relaxing in the lazy river, Aqualand has it all. Make the most of your Corfu Car rental experience and be sure not to miss out on the fun.

Angelokastro Castle


One of the most dramatic spots on Corfu’s north-west coast is Paleokastritsa, a rocky promontory on the top of which is a ruined castle, the Angelokastro. Paleokastritsa itself is a rocky, densely wooded headland around which nestle a variety of different beaches and coves. Each beach offers different facilities, with a diving school in Ampelaki, and trips out into the bay on a glass-bottomed boat starting from the little harbour of Alipa.

The buildings that pepper the hillsides comprise a mixture of rooms for rent and small hotels, each with a path down to the beach.

Perched on a rock above the beaches is Paleokastritsa Monastery. Inside the gate is a lovely courtyard filled with plants, and a small, intricately decorated orthodox church. But the high point, in every sense, of a visit to this part of the island, is the Angelokastro. The road, which in places is barely wide enough for a single vehicle to squeeze along, winds through the picturesque villages of Lakones, Makrades and Krini before reaching a taverna, above which is the final slope to the castle.

Achillion Palace


Members of Royal families first came on Corfu when Empress Elisabeth of Austria chose the island as the location for building a summer palace in the late 19th century. The result was the Achilleion in Gastouri. After Elisabeth had died it was sold to the King of Prussia, Kaiser Wilhelm II, who visited it regularly until the First World War.

The palace is open to visitors to explore a handful of ground-floor rooms. Far more interesting are the terraced gardens, with their classical statues, palm trees and walkways shaded with wisteria.

Old Fortress and Town


Be sure to make the most of your Corfu trip and Car rental and visit the old town and  old fortress. Located in the heart of Corfu town, the 15th century fortress, build up by the Venetians is a must see Corfu attraction. At the entrance to the fortress is the acclaimed Spianada square of Corfu, the second largest square in Europe. Influenced by the French, the Venetians, the English and of course the Greeks, this square consists on plentiful shops, taverns, churches and museums to keep every visitor entertained.


Beach – Sightseeing

Considered by many to be the most beautiful spot on Corfu, upon seeing it for the first time, it is stunning. Situated on Corfu’s North-West coast, it is a short drive from Corfu town (20min) or from other large resorts, like Sidari (30min). With it’s beautiful coves and large, submerged caves, Paleokastritsa is a must see for someone visiting Corfu this summer.

Sidari Canal D'amour

Beach – Sightseeing

Almost directly North, we arrive at the town of Sidari and one of corfu’s main resorts. Situated between the cliffs of Logas, Canal D’ Amour and Agios Ioannis – Sidari has a perfect mixture of natural beauty and holiday fun. From water sports, boat trips, excursions, great food to relaxing beches – Sidari has it all for you this summer season. It is known to tourists as the canal of love and consists of many secluded coves which have been created naturally by the seamaking a great photo opportunity.

Marina Gouvia


It is known to tourists as the canal of love and consists of many secluded coves which have been created naturally by the seamaking a great photo opportunity. Gouvia Marina Car hire by Sluta Leta is the correct choice for professional service and new models. Book your Gouvia Marina Rental car now to be delivered by your yacht. Hire a Car at Gouvia, Corfu Gouvia car hire Marina Corfu and explore the beauties of the island.

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Perhaps the most popular beach in Corfu is this beautiful sandy beach of Glyfada. The soft sand is perfect for the kids and adults to play in and there are no roads near by making it a safe, peaceful atmosphere. There’s a small number of shops to cater for all your basic needs and plenty of boats to rent if you like to adventure out into the water. Glyfada is definitely a resort you will want to spend the whole day and to make unforgettable memories. So first thing to do go to Glyfada beach with your Corfu car rental by Sluta Leta.



This amazing beach of Barbati, located to the northeast of Corfu has it all: amazing shingle, stunning surrounding scenery and water sports for sports enthusiasts. You will be offered the opportunity to swim in verde blue (crystalline) waters and enjoy sunbathing on the beach covered with white, large pebbles. There are also ordinal boat trips from Barbati to detached bays and nearby beaches which you can join in. For those who love sightseeing there are some traditional villages around the area of Barbati.

Agios Gordios


While you’ll visit Agios Gordios beach you’ll see also a remarkable view. Clear waters, fresh air and your mood will skyrocket. A long sandy beach will generously give you a life experience. Famous as one of the best beaches in central Corfu and is being set betwixt a gently sloping hill with lush greenery and rock formation. On this beach with the amazingly blue waters you will be able to enjoy unique facilities for tourists and lots of opportunities for trying water sports. You will be also amazed with the rock formation of  ( Ortholothi ), emerging from the sea. This spot must be definitely photographed and visited by every visitor on Corfu. In addition there is a shipwreck of Agios Gordios where you can take photos on the other side of the beach.



Mon Repos Palace


This Palace was build in 1830 by the British Commissioner, Sir Frederic Adams and was also the home of Prince Phillip, who was born there in 1921. Mon Repos Palace is a great historic place near Corfu town, featuring well-landscaped gardens with a wide variety of plant species and various trees.  From Mon Repo Palace visitors will enjoy panoramic views to famous sights of Corfu, such as the Old Fortress – a landmark of Corfu –  the old town centre of Corfu and of course the Ionian blue sea, there is also a small precious beach called (Kardaki). Today Mon Repo has been turned into a museum and historical site with a large park full of archeological treasures that everyone can visit. It is an ideal place for pleasant walks under the shade of very large old trees. One of the best exhibitions of this museum is the collection of old photographs of Corfu, very interesting and informative. Apart from a small plaque at the entrance there is nothing else in the building that connects it with the birth of the Duke of Edinburgh in 1921 and that is more than enough!


Kontogialos Beach


Kontogialos Beach is also called Pelekas Beach, as it is located below the village of Pelekas with the famous sunset. Kontogialos beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu. The large sandy beach with a width of over 30 meters is generally quiet and, due to the shallow waters, ideal for families with children while its turquoise waters are among the clearest in the Ionian Sea. The beach was honored with a Blue Flag. Regarding the village of Pelekas , you may enjoy amazing seaviews from picturesque locations, while you can visit Kaiser’s Observatory as well, a famous place where you can enjoy the sunset from.