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20 Jul 2023

Corfu for Couples: Ultimate Guide to Couple’s Holidays

What you will learn from this article


If you want to visit Corfu with your loved on, keep on reading.

In this article you will come across:

  • – The best places to stay in Corfu
  • – The most romantic activities
  • – The best beaches to visit
  • – Why Corfu is perfect for older Couples

and of course, tips to make your stay even better

Let’s Get Into it…!


Corfu is the best island not only for large friend groups and families but for couples as well. Corfu holidays for couples are really unique and romantic.


There are many places that you can visit with your loved one and many activities to do. Activities that suit every style and that will make your vacations even more special!


In this article not only will you discover all of these activities but you will also come across some very handy tips. You will also learn about the best places in Corfu for couples to stay in.


It is not how many days in Corfu you are planning to stay, but to make the most out of them!


Key Takeaways?

  • 1. Corfu offers diverse activities for couples: explore Corfu Town, try watersports, discover hidden beaches
  • 2. Best areas to stay for couples: Sidari, Corfu Town, Palaiokastritsa, Agios Georgios.
  • 3. Ideal for weddings and honeymoons, rent a car for easy exploration.

Romantic Things to Do in Corfu for Couples

Romantic Things to do in Corfu for Couples

Are you looking for the best romantic things to do in Corfu? There are many things to do in Corfu for couples, but we discovered the top ones and we are ready to share them with you.


Interesting activities that will blow your mind and will leave you with the best memories! Our goal is to make your vacation with your significant other unique!


Activities for all tastes. Others are riskier while others are quieter and more relaxing.


Depending on our needs, do the ones that suit you the best. Or you can do them all! It is totally up to you.

Explore Corfu Town

Corfu town Couples

Stroll around Corfu Town and discover all the amazing sights. Check out the palaces and the fortresses, the market, the museums and admire the beauty of the city that is inspired by the English, the Venetians and the French.


Don’t miss the Spianada square! After you are done with your walk pick one of the cafeterias or the restaurants nearby and relax under the shadow.

Olive Tour

Corfu Olive Tour

The natural beauty of Corfu is unparalleled. On the island you will find The Governor’s Olive Mill that offers a magnificent olive tour for you and your partner.

You might never get the chance to do something like that again, so seize the opportunity! Discover about a part of Greek culture in the best way possible.

Discover the Ionian Sea

Ionian Sea for Couples

A one-of-a-kind experience is to rent a boat and discover hidden beaches that are truly treasures or go on daily cruises and explore other islands in the Ionian Sea.

There are many rental services that can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Corfu locals are all about making your stay on the island as special as it gets!


Corfu Couples Watersports

In Corfu beaches you have the opportunity to try out as many watersports as you want. From paragliding and parasailing to scuba diving, snorkeling and waterboarding or water skiing!


So many options for you to choose from and create so many unique memories in Corfu Island. Especially if you love spending time at the beach and being adventurous, you will love this!

Best Area to Stay in Corfu for Couples

Best Areas to Stay in Corfu for Couples

Are you looking for the best places to stay in Corfu for couples? Well, it is time to get the answers you want!


Sidari, Corfu Town, Paleokastritsa and Agios Georgios are your top options. Depending on your needs there is a perfect place for you to stay.


The best part of Corfu for couples just might be where a perfect resort for you and your partner is. You don’t want to miss this chance!


Discover all the great places of Corfu and decide which is the one for you… Don’t waste your opportunity to make your holidays special. Discover now where to stay on Corfu!


Sidari Corfu Couples

Sidari with its blue flag beaches, the intense nightlife and the traditional taverns and cafeterias welcomes you!  Discover all of them and while the sun sets get ready to party in one of the bars of the area.

Keep in mind that in Sidari there is Canal d’amour, one of the most romantic places on the island.

Corfu Town

Corfu Town for Couples

Corfu Town is the capital of the island. As you can imagine, the options regarding everyday life, such as cafeterias, restaurants and bars or clubs, are limitless!

The center, as we already talked about, has a lot of influence from the English, the French and the Venetians and somehow it is super romantic.


Paleokastritsa Corfu for Couples

One of Corfu’s most beautiful villages. It even has a picturesque monastery which you can climb up to and luxuriate the amazing view.

Swim in the crystal-clear waters and sunbathe under the hot sun. If you haven’t guessed yet, you will be in paradise!

Agios Georgios

Agios Georgios Corfu for Couples

This village is for couples who wish for a quieter getaway. As in any place in Corfu, the views are simply jaw dropping, but here you will be away from the big crowds and the fuss.

Here, you have many choices regarding watersports and you can even get lost in beautiful walking trails that are surrounded by olive trees.

Best Part of Corfu for Older Couples

Corfu Part for Older Couples

Corfu is not only suitable for younger couples. Many older couples can enjoy their vacation at the island.


All you have to do is find the best resort in Corfu for middle aged couples in an area that is best for you and relax on a beautiful sandy beach!


There are a lot of activities that you can do and explore the island. We will suggest the best ones for you in order to make your stay in Corfu beyond memorable!


From museum hopping to spending the day at a beautiful beach, there are so many things to see in Corfu and you can pick what suits best your needs.

Where to Stay

Corfu Accommodation for Couples

The best part of Corfu for older couples to stay in is Roda. Away from the tourist part of Sidari, it offers a quiet experience of the island.


Agios Gordios is on west Corfu with amazing views of the beaches from any hotel you will choose to stay. By staying here you will get to know the more traditional life of Corfu’s island.


TIP: An even better way to meet most of the traditions of the island is if you spend easter in Corfu

Museum Hoping

Corfu Museum Hopping for Couples

Corfu has a rich history and that’s why the island is filled with all different kinds of museums. Most of them are located in Corfu Old Town, but that is not restricting!

You can find wonderful museums in other parts of the island as well. You should know that the Corfu Museum of Asian Art is really loved by tourists.

Gastronomy Guide

Corfu Gastronomy for Couples

Don’t forget to try the traditional food of the island! By taking a gastronomy guide you can taste many traditional dishes that are made with local products and then you can decide what is your favorite one (if you can find only one!).


In these guides wine tastings might be also included. So keep an eye out for that!


Liapades Beach Corfu Couples

One of the best things you can do in Corfu is find a beach you love and spend the day. The best thing is that there are more than 20 beaches with equipment for floating wheelchairs.


So, nothing is stopping you from enjoying the crystal-clear waters of Corfu Island!

Corfu Beaches for Couples

Corfu Beaches for Couples

Here you will find the best Corfu beaches for couples! Corfu has amazing and unique beaches that you should not miss.


Corfu beaches are perfect not only for families but for people who adore watersports and having fun at the beach. Most of them have beach bars that provide you with anything you will need along with sunbeds and umbrellas and they also have equipment for trying out watersports.


Enjoy the beaches day and night with wonderful parties and great music. If you are looking for a place to relax, there are many quiet beaches for you to choose from.

Issos and Halikounas Beach

Issos & Halikounas Beach Corfu for Couples

They belong to the protected areas of Nature 2000. They have many sand dunes, that’s why they are also known as the “Sahara of Corfu”.


The beaches are very large and they are near Lake Korrisson. There are many clay formations in the area. You can do many watersports, which are provided by the beach bar there such as the sunbeds. Keep in mind that it is mostly up to you to carry the things you’ll need.


The beach can also be categorized as a naturist beach Corfu.

Canal D’amour

Canal D'amour Beach Corfu for Couples

It is one of the few beaches in Corfu that have warm waters. It has very easy access by car.


The views on this beach are amazing. You would definitely want to lay down and watch the sunset there with your partner.


There are some caves nearby if you want to explore them.

Avlaki Beach

Avlaki Beach Corfu Couples

In the area you will find many restaurants to dine after your swim. Here you will stay away from the crowd and the noise and it is the best place to relax and escape reality.

The beach is equipped with sunbeds, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own stuff.

Liapades Beach

Liapades Beach Corfu Couples

Another beach fully supplied with sunbeds. The key here is to come early in order to find the best sunbed near the water and of course to reserve a good parking spot.

Two coffeehouses will provide you with whatever you want while you can also rent a boat for daily trips to other beaches or caves nearby.

Tips for Couple’s Holidays in Corfu

Tips for Couples Holidays Corfu

Either you are having a wedding in Corfu and you will spend your days in the island afterwards or you are just doing your honeymoon in Corfu or you just want to spend a few days here, we have the best tips for you to make your holidays even better! Follow along to find out exactly what we are talking about.

Corfu Best Resorts for Couples

Couples Resorts Corfu

In order to find the best resorts in Corfu for couples you need to search the resorts that are located in the best areas that we reported earlier. The best resort Corfu couples waits for you!


Depending on your needs between the Corfu best resorts for couples, some of them might not be ideal for you. All you have to do is find the right one for you.

Wedding & Honeymoon in Corfu

Honeymoon & Wedding in Corfu

If you are planning to make your wedding in Corfu or if you want to spend your honeymoon here, you couldn’t make a more perfect decision! As you have already understood, Corfu is perfect for couples.


Search for specific discounts that might exist or special treats that you could get!

Renting a Car

Convertible Car Hire Corfu

Renting a car in Corfu will literally make your transportation 100% easier!


A convertible car is the ideal choice for a romantic vacation in Corfu, as it allows couples to enjoy the island’s breathtaking views and warm climate while adding a touch of adventure and romance to their journey. A convertible car hire Corfu will save you money, time and you can explore the island with ease and style.


Choose the car that you like best at an unbeatable price and drive around comfortably!


Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and is beyond perfect for your vacations with your loved one! Picturesque villages, many attractions to visit, museums, daily cruises and so many more.


Countless activities for all tastes, especially designed to fulfill the needs of the visitors of the island. Discover which is the best for you!


If you need a complete travel guide to Corfu Greece all you have to do is check out the link! The locals will be so happy to see you and make your stay on the island unforgettable.

Author Spiros

Is Corfu couple friendly?

Yes, Corfu is a wonderful destination for couples, offering a romantic ambiance and diverse experiences.

Is Corfu for couples?

Absolutely! Corfu provides a charming setting for couples, with its stunning beaches, scenic landscapes, and romantic atmosphere.

Which part of Corfu is best for couples?

The northeastern part of Corfu, including resorts like Kassiopi and Nissaki, is often preferred by couples for its tranquil beaches and romantic ambiance.

Is Corfu or Crete better for couple holidays?

Both Corfu and Crete have their own unique charm, catering to different preferences. Corfu is known for its lush greenery and romantic coastal towns, while Crete offers a mix of secluded beaches and vibrant nightlife. It depends on the specific desires of the couple.

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