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01 Jun 2023

Driving in Corfu: The Ultimate Guide to Explore Corfu by Car

What you will learn from this article


Do you want to discover Corfu? In this article you will find everything you need:

  • – How long does it take to drive around Corfu
  • – The benefits of seeing Corfu by car
  • – Regulations you need to be careful of
  • – Parking on the Island
  • – Requirements for a Car Hire
  • – Scenic Routes
  • – Driving Map

And of course many tips. Are you ready…?


There is no greater thing than discovering Corfu by car… all the amazing places, the beautiful beaches, the famous sights. So many things to do and so little time to do so.


That’s why you need a car! You can create the schedule you want, make any changes that you like on the way and get to your destination faster than you would by using public transportation.


In this article we will solve all your questions regarding renting a car in Corfu, How long does it take to drive around Corfu, useful tips and of course the best places to see in the island. Just keep reading…


Key Takeaways?

  • 1. Driving in Corfu provides the opportunity to explore the island’s beautiful sights and landscapes at your own pace, offering a rewarding and memorable experience.
  • 2. The best scenic drive in Corfu is along the northwest coast, with additional beautiful locations including the northeast coast between Dassia and Kassiopi, the central villages accessible after the airport, and the southern part with the Salt Lakes of Lefkimi and pink flamingos.
  • 3. Renting a car in Corfu allows you to have the flexibility to create your own schedule, make changes on the go, and reach your destinations faster compared to using public transportation.

Getting Around Corfu Island

Getting around Corfu Island

You’ll be amazed by how many beautiful sights and places you can see when you’re discovering Corfu by car. Corfu is one of the greenest islands of Greece and has to offer so many unique landscapes. You might be wondering… «How can we see them all…? ».


By renting a car of course! Driving in Corfu is really pleasing and with all the things that you will explore and see you will not want to keep your hands off the steering wheel. Visit Corfu and learn more about the beauties of the island. We will be happy to see you!

Without a Car

As you can imagine if you don’t have a car and you want to wander around Corfu you will have to use the local transportation. There are not so frequent itineraries to all destinations and of course you will have to wait in the heat of summer.

With a Car

The easiest way to discover Corfu is by renting a car. You can set your own timetable, enjoy the ride with your friends, family or partner and watch amazing sceneries in the coolness of your vehicle.


Why bother using public transportation and exhaust yourself waiting? Driving around Corfu in luxury and comfort is what you need.

Driving in Corfu

Driving in Corfu by Car

Driving in Corfu can be really exciting. We want to make your stay in the island as memorable as it can get. While you’re discovering Corfu by car you’ll end up not wanting to leave…


The places are so beautiful and they will take your breath away! Start getting around Corfu and we will answer all of your questions: How much to hire a car in Corfu, How long to drive around Corfu and many extra tips that you will find very useful.


Rent the car that suits your needs and start discovering the most beautiful island in the Ionian Sea and not only…

How Long Does it Take to Drive Around Corfu?

How Long Does it Take to Drive Around Corfu?

You might be wondering how long does it take to drive around Corfu. Even though Corfu is a big island the distances are not as far away from each other as someone might think.


The time you will need to get to the visitors’ favorite places is almost half an hour from the city of from Gouvia, where our headquarters are.


Even the longest route which is from one side of the island to the other takes about two hours (about 90 kilometres). One thing that you should have in mind while driving in Corfu Greece is that the routes are narrow and not straight, so the possibility of overtaking another vehicle seems unlikely.

Is driving in Corfu easy/safe?

Corfu By Car

Just like in every other island the country roads are not as evolved as they would be in large cities. Corfu by car is really fun and easy to discover. Regardless of the road conditions you should be careful for your own safety.


Don’t forget that the one thing you should absolutely not do is drive around Corfu in flip flops because there is a high risk of creating an accident. Nonetheless driving Corfu is really relaxing and the view on the way is rewarding.


Once you get your hands on the steering wheel you won’t be able to get enough driving around Corfu.

Best Scenic Drive in Corfu

Best Scenic Drives in Corfu

One thing you absolutely should not miss is doing a scenic drive Corfu. The best scenic drive in Corfu is the one along the northwest coast.


Between Dassia and Kassiopi you will find the northeast coast. The beauty there is just unsurpassed.


Moving along to the island’s central villages… There are a few so make sure you don’t miss any of them. Just remember to take a turn about 5 kilometers after the airport and you will find them right away.


Last but definitely not least is the southern part of Corfu. Among everything else watch out for the pink flamingos in the Salt Lakes of Lefkimi. They will steal your heart!

Why Corfu is best seen by car?

Corfu Island Roads

Discovering Corfu by car gives you endless possibilities. Either we talk about cost or time spend or your own comfort, renting a car in Corfu will solve all your problems during your stay in the island. Getting around Corfu without a car will deprive you from so many adventures… and you don’t want that, do you?


Driving in Corfu is a lot easier than having to wait around for the public transportation. You can make your program just how you like it without having to depend on anyone else.


It will be much more comfortable for you to explore Corfu by car than to squish among several other people on a bus with the temperature at its highest.


Renting a car while driving in Corfu Greece is so much cheaper than renting a cab for every move you want to make. Also, with the services and the luxury that we provide you, the price you will pay for a car hire will be better than having to pay for the use of public transportation.

Explore the whole Island

As you can imagine there aren’t buses for all the places on the island. So, by renting a car you’ll be driving in Corfu and enjoying every single beautiful location!


Change of plans? You found another beautiful spot you want to check out on your way? That’s not a problem because when you explore Corfu by car you can make any adjustments you want.


When you’re driving in Corfu it’s up to you to decide where and most importantly when you want to go. So it’s time to take the situation into your own hands!

Tips for Driving in Corfu

Tips for renting a car in Corfu

There are certain laws and regulations that you need to follow while driving in Corfu. Of course a major factor for you to discover Corfu by car is to know about the roads of the place you’re visiting. But don’t worry, everything you need to know is in these paragraphs.

Road Conditions

While driving in Corfu you need to know that country roads are kind of narrow. Since you’re not familiar with them we suggest that you are careful and you do not drive fast. Nevertheless the scenery is beautiful and you really wish that you enjoy the ride.


Corfu, especially during the summer months, has a lot of visitors. So, there is a possibility that you will encounter traffic on your way to an attraction or to a beach on Corfu Island. Don’t let that stop you though! You’ll have beautiful landscapes to look at in the meantime.

Laws & Regulations

Speed Limits

There are some driving laws in Corfu you need to be careful about. While driving in corfu left or right you will come across signs indicating the number of the top speed at which you can drive. In general, in Greece’s country roads the speed limit is 90 km per hour.


Under any circumstance you should always have your seatbelt on, either you’re the driver or any of the passengers.

Drinking & Driving

You really should not drink if you’ll drive afterwards since it will affect your reflexes, but according to the law you should not consume more than a large glass of beer, 200 ml of wine, 60 ml of ouzo and 55 ml of whiskey or vodka.

Parking in Corfu

Parking in Corfu

In Corfu you will not have any problem when it comes to parking. There are at least 10 parking spaces in the center and many more all over the island. There is a price range between the parking places, so there is no way that you won’t find the right spot for your car!


For the sights inside the city you’ll probably won’t need your car except there is a serious reason. So look out for deals! In the areas outside the center it is not so crowded, so you will definitely find in ease somewhere to park your vehicle.

Parking Regulations

Except the parking spaces you can find spots in the streets that are of course free. Just be careful for any signs pointing out that you cannot park in a certain place.


So in that case just keep looking for another spot because if you leave it there you will be charged and there is a possibility that the municipality will take your car.

Parking Tips

The best time for you to find right away a parking spot is early in the morning, some point before 10 a.m., and in the afternoon hours.


Except from the paid parking spaces, there are also free spots inside or outside the city that it would be good to check and see if there is anything available.

Corfu Town & Old Town Parking

You should not worry about finding a place to park your car inside Corfu Town and Old Town. There are at least 10 parking stations where you can leave your car for some amount of money.


Other than that there are many free spots for you to find all over the city and leave your vehicle there.

Renting a Car in Corfu Greece

Renting a car in Corfu

Thinking about renting a car in Corfu? We have to admit you made the right choice. There are so many advantages in exploring Corfu by car.


Now the questions rising in your mind are where to rent a car in Corfu and how much to hire a car in Corfu… Get ready to have all your questions answered!


We will give you and some extra tips to make the procedure even more easy, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Your Corfu auto is waiting for you to drive it around the island… Hurry up!

Rental Requirements

There are certain rental requirements that you’ll have to meet in order to rent a car with Sluta Leta. These are mainly subject to the age of the driver and the driver’s license. We inform you about everything you need to know such as the minimum rental period.

Cost & Fees of Renting a Car

Car rental prices vary from one car rental company to another. Prices start from 8 euros till 18, depending of course what type of car you are looking for.


Also prices are lower from September till May and higher during the summer. With Sluta Leta you can use special discounts to lower your price. So don’t waste any more time and rent a car Corfu price!


Tips for renting a car

  • 1. Number one rule: Compare prices
  • 2. Something that will come in handy is if you book your car early
  • 3. Decide if you want or not extra rental car insurance
  • 4. Read the details provided by the car company very carefully to make sure that everything you will need is included in the package
  • 5. Make sure you check their policy about car gas


How to rent a car in Corfu

Renting a car in Corfu is really simple. All you have to do is set the dates that you’ll be needing the car during your stay in the island, your pick up location and in what age group of the given you belong.


The results will be the cars available at the time and you just have to find the one for you! Don’t wait any longer… book your car online now!

Choosing a Rental Company

Trying to find the right car rental company for your stay in Corfu? You just came across the number one company when it comes to hire car Corfu.


With the best prices on the market and our priority the needs of our clients, Sluta Leta guarantees that you’ll have the car of your dreams in order to be driving in Corfu in style and comfort.


We will help you in every step of the procedure and we will be by your side in case you need anything in the meantime or if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you!


The best way to explore the island is by car. Driving in Corfu gives you a ton of possibilities! You can go anywhere across the island, something you cannot accomplish with public transportation due to its course in specific places.


You can arrange your schedule however you like, you’ll be comfortable in your own space with your friends or family, with some music playing in the background…


And the list just keeps going! In this article there are everything you need to know about, from rental requirements to parking advisory, laws of the island, tips and many many more!

Map of Scenic Roads in Corfu

Map - Driving on Scenic Routes on Corfu

Frequently Asked Questions About Driving in Corfu by Car

Author Spiros

How are the roads in Corfu?

The roads in Corfu vary in quality, ranging from well-maintained main roads to narrower and winding village streets. Some rural roads may have potholes or uneven surfaces, so it’s advisable to drive with caution and be prepared for occasional rough patches.

Is driving in Corfu easy?

Driving in Corfu can be relatively easy, especially in more populated areas and main roads. However, it may require extra attention due to narrow streets, local driving habits, and occasional signage challenges in remote areas. Familiarizing yourself with the local traffic rules and road conditions can help ensure a smoother driving experience.

Is Corfu right or left hand drive?

Corfu follows right-hand drive, which means you drive on the right side of the road.

Are the roads busy in Corfu?

The level of road traffic in Corfu can vary depending on the season and specific areas. The main towns and popular tourist spots can experience higher traffic volumes, especially during peak tourist seasons. It’s advisable to plan accordingly and be prepared for potential congestion in more crowded areas.

What is the famous street in Corfu?

The Liston is one of the most famous streets in Corfu. Located in Corfu Town, it is a picturesque promenade lined with elegant archways and cafes, offering a charming atmosphere for leisurely walks and people-watching.

What’s the speed limit in Corfu?

The general speed limits in Corfu are 50 km/h (31 mph) in urban areas, 90 km/h (56 mph) on rural roads, and 110 km/h (68 mph) on national highways. However, it’s essential to adhere to posted speed limit signs, as they may vary depending on specific road conditions and locations.

Is Parking easy in Corfu Town?

Parking in Corfu Town can be a bit challenging, especially in the central and busy areas. The old town is known for its narrow streets and limited parking spaces. However, there are designated parking lots and parking garages available

Do you need a car in Corfu?

Having a car in Corfu is highly recommended to fully explore the island’s scenic beauty, hidden gems, and picturesque villages, allowing you the freedom and convenience to make the most of your Corfu experience.

Is it Worth hiring a car in Corfu?

Renting a car in Corfu can be worth it, especially if you want to explore the island at your own pace and visit more remote or secluded areas. It provides convenience and flexibility in transportation, allowing you to discover hidden gems and have a more personalized travel experience.

How much to hire a car in Corfu?

Car rental prices in Corfu can vary depending on the car type, rental duration, season, and the rental company you choose. On average, you can expect to pay around €30-50 per day for a small economy car during the low season, with prices increasing during the peak summer months.

What documents do I need to hire a car in Corfu?

To hire a car in Corfu, you typically need a valid driver’s license from your home country, a passport or ID card, and a credit card for the rental deposit. It’s advisable to check the specific requirements of the rental company you choose, as additional documents or conditions may apply.

Where to rent a car in Corfu?

There are several car rental agencies available in Corfu, including both international chains and local companies. You can find car rental offices at Corfu International Airport, in major towns, and popular tourist areas. Online booking platforms also provide options for comparing prices and making reservations in advance.

Can you get around Corfu without a Car?

It is possible to get around Corfu without a car. The island has a public transportation network, including buses and taxis, which can take you to various destinations. However, having a car provides more freedom and flexibility in exploring the island, especially if you want to visit remote beaches or less touristy spots.

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