29 Jun 2023

Things to do in Corfu: The Ultimate Guide of things to see

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This article is all must see & do things on the island. Want to get the most out of Corfu? Learn about:

  • The best things to do on Corfu
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  • Tips and tricks to experience Corfu to the fullest

This is something you shouldn’t miss…

Are you wondering what are the things to do in Corfu? Well. wonder no more!


We will present to you the top things to do in Corfu Greece in order to make your vacations even more special. What to see in Corfu, fun things to do in Corfu, activities in Corfu and many more things that you will discover while reading the below pages.


Learn all about the nightlife, the food, the activities in land and water, the beaches, the sports, the traditions and many more. We will of course share with you tips to make your days at Corfu even more fun and relaxing. 

Key Takeaways

    1. 1. Corfu Offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy including, beaches, water park, nightlife, sightseeing watching the sunrise & much more.


    1. 2. Organize your activities by making a list of must-see places, reading the reviews of the places you want to visit and by considering renting a car in order to explore the island.


    1. 3. Corfu is a beautiful island with stunning natural beauty, friendly locals and opportunities to create lasting memories. Make the most out of your stay on the island!

What to do in Corfu? What to see in Corfu?

Things to do and see corfu

Unusual things to do in Corfu… adventurous things to do in Corfu… These are the things to see and do in Corfu Greece.


So, if you are thinking about what to do in Corfu, we have the answer you are looking for! Activities that will blow your mind… adventures that you will be able to cross off your bucket list.


The best thing to do in Corfu is not just a “thing”. It is so much more than that!


Are you ready to begin? Keep notes because things are about to get really interesting… 

Beaches Corfu

Beaches Corfu Things to do

Sandy Corfu beaches with crystal clear waters that will blow your mind! The top beaches Corfu are all yours to enjoy… 


Quiet and secluded spots or popular coasts with beach bars, cocktails and music to dance to. Some of them beaches Corfu are near the center while others far away. 


You can reach them by car or by boat. You even have the chance to go on a daily cruise and explore many beaches in Corfu.  

Waterpark Corfu

Waterpark Corfu Things to do

If you are all about water activities, then you will adore Corfu! There are four water parks in Corfu.


One is located at Kavos, the other one at Issos and the last ones near Gouvia. The waterpark Corfu is a great getaway from the ordinary places that most tourists go to. The kids will have the time of their lives and to be honest the adults will love it as well. 

Nightlife in Corfu

Nightlife Corfu Things to do

The nightlife in Corfu has so many options that suit all different kind of tastes. The best nightlife in Corfu lies in Kavos, Acharavi and Sidari. You will also find many bars and clubs in Corfu town and in old town as well.


If you want to see what it would be like living in the ’70 or if you want to remember the good all times, we suggest you visit one of the amazing discos that are all over the island. The Corfu nightlife promises you unforgettable memories that will last forever! 

Tavernas & Food Corfu

Tavernas and Food Corfu Things to do

Who doesn’t love Greek food? While visiting the island you can participate in a Corfu food tour and do food, wine and coffee tasting and discover the best food in Corfu.


Discover the Corfu tavernas and the Corfu food. Taste the traditional Corfu food and pick your favorite recipe.


There is also plenty vegan food Corfu. The Corfu food prices are mainly affordable, but depending on which restaurant you go to the prices may be higher. 

Corfu Market

Market Corfu Things to do

The Corfu Market is under the Venetian Castle. In the Corfu old town market many local producers sell their products.


Take a walk through the stalls, locate your favorite products and try the food market Corfu. In the Corfu market you will of course find many local products. The Corfu farmers market is made with a lot of love and care so the products from their gardens will reach you. 

Scuba Diving Corfu

Suba Diving Corfu Things to do

Have you been dreaming about snorkeling in Corfu? Because your wish will come true. Scuba diving Corfu is really popular and more and more people participate in activities like this.


While diving in Corfu waters you will meet all the sea life that lives there. Scuba diving in Corfu gives you to opportunity to create unique memories. Diving Corfu and most specifically Corfu snorkeling is something you can even do on your own, but we suggest going with an experienced group. 

Corfu Sightseeing

Sightseeing Corfu Things to do

If you want to go Corfu sightseeing, there are many ways to do that. First of all, there is a city sightseeing Corfu hop-on hop-off bus tour. This Corfu city sightseeing bus will drive you around the most important sights in Corfu town.


There are also many sightseeing tours Corfu, in which you stop and visit the Corfu sights. Corfu sightseeing is a very enlightening activity to do if you want to learn about the history of the island. 

Corfu Easter

Easter Corfu Things to do

Corfu Greece stands out between other islands during easter time. Not only the Greek easter in Corfu is loved by the tourists but by a lot of Greek people as well.


The Corfu easter pot throwing is one of the most popular Corfu easter traditions and people love to watch it every year.


The easter in Corfu is an amazing and unique experience that you shouldn’t miss! Corfu easter is waiting for you to amaze you! 

Corfu Beer

Beer Corfu Things to do

Corfu beer is well known for its amazing flavor! There is also a Corfu beer festival that has been happening every year since 2013 and participating in something like that is really unique.


Visit the facilities of Corfu Beer microbrewery and enjoy fresh beer from the barrel. You can also discover the pubs and some beer bucket bar Corfu. Taste the craft beer Corfu and choose your favorite one from Corfu ginger beer, Corfu red beer and many more. 

Corfu Golf Club

Golf Corfu Things to do

If you have been searching for a golf court, you just found one that is beyond dreamy. Near beach Mirtiotissa there is a Corfu Golf Club. But not just any golf Corfu.


This is an international golf course with villas and country houses nearby, that you can book and spend the night there. Golf in Corfu just became far more interesting, don’t you think…? 

Corfu Shopping

Shopping Corfu Things to do

Are you ready to do some shopping in Corfu…? Corfu shopping is really fun and entertaining!


There are many stores in Corfu shopping center that you can visit and buy anything you want. From clothes, shoes and accessories to local products.


Shopping in Corfu town will give you the chance to communicate with the locals and see their everyday life. Get to know them and make shopping Corfu an experience like no other! 

Hikking in Corfu

Hiking Corfu Things to do

Hiking in Corfu will leave you speechless… So many beautiful places to explore and such picturesque places that you will not want to leave.


There are many hiking trails in Corfu to choose from the one that suits best your needs depending on where you are staying, how long you want to hike, what level of knowledge you have and many more. Nevertheless, hiking in Corfu won’t disappoint you!

Corfu Surf

Surf Corfu Things to do

Corfu has the most amazing beaches that you have ever seen. But it is not just that…


If you are a fan of surfing, you will be pleased to know that due to winds on the island from time to time, Corfu is a great place to go surfing. Corfu surf is a favorite activity for tourists and locals. You can find a Corfu surf club near you and set a date and time with an expert to teach you everything you need to know. 

Corfu Cricket

Cricket Corfu Things to do

Not only there is a popular Corfu cricket club, but it is near Spianada square! So, this is your ultimate chance to step on Corfu cricket ground and test your skills at England’s national sport.


Corfu cricket can be a fun playdate with your friends or your family. It definitely stands out among the other typical and tourist activities and it can offer many moments of laughter. 

Corfu Cycling

Cycling Corfu Things to do

We plan to stay a little longer in Corfu town, since we want to talk about Corfu cycling. Most of the bike rental companies are in the center, but there are a few as well in Dassia and in Gouvia.


Cycling in Corfu is a perfect way to exercise while enjoying the sights of the town and having fun. You can also find many cycling routes around the island while cycling Corfu.


Cycling Corfu Greece and observing all the natural beauty the island has to offer in an unsurpassed experience.

Corfu Sunrise

Sunrise Corfu Things to do

Watching the sunrise is a way to remind yourself that every day is a new chance for you to make your dreams come true. So, it is even better if you can watch it while visiting Corfu!


You can watch the Corfu sunrise from every part of the island you can think of. It could be in a beach, for example the sunrise on Agios Gordios beach in Corfu, in a bar while ending a night out, in a forest and anywhere else you set your mind to. Start your day right and enjoy your sunrise Corfu!

Corfu Zoo Village

Zoo Corfu Things to do

Corfu has an aquarium located at Palaiokastritsa. You can visit it and discover all about Corfu marine life and not only! The duration of the tour is approximately less than an hour long. It would be best if you pre book your ticket.


TIP: The famous Gerald Durrell was a British naturalist and author who wrote several books about his life as an animal collector. More specifically he began to collect local fauna as pets. So, we can say that there was a Gerald Durrell zoo Corfu…! 

How to do and see more things on Corfu

Must See and Do Things on Corfu Island

So many activities in such sort time. You may think how you will be able to do all the things you want.


We have the answer for you. Just follow our tips and you will see everything with ease. 


Make a list with the Corfu must see places and sights and make a program in order to have time to visit them all. 

Search the Reviews

Either you want to eat at a restaurant or visit a sight, you should always read the reviews. You may find something that you don’t like in that place so you’ll remove it from your list and save time! 

What is near you

Depending on where you live, search the best restaurants, bars and sights near you to start of with them. 

Car Rentals

Car rentals in Corfu are the best way to drive around and visit all the best places. Explore the island with style and comfort!


Corfu is a beautiful island with unique natural beauty and heartwarming locals that want you to create amazing memories on their island. You will definitely fall in love with every little detail that you see and you will not want to leave!


Adding to the above, the activities that you will be able to do in Corfu will make your stay there even more special. Choose your favorite ones, what seems more interesting to you, things you haven’t done before and have the time of your life!  


Corfu is waiting for you… Start planning your trip and we will meet under the hot Greek sun! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Activities in Corfu

How can I spend a day in Corfu?

There are many ways to spend a day in Corfu, from exploring its charming old town to relaxing on beautiful beaches.

What is the best way to explore Corfu?

The best way to explore Corfu is by renting a car and discovering its scenic landscapes and hidden gems.

What is Corfu best known for?

Corfu is best known for its stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture.

Corfu what to do, see and visit?

In Corfu, you can explore the charming streets and historic sites of the Old Town, visit the iconic Achilleion Palace, relax on the stunning beaches like Paleokastritsa and Glyfada, take a boat trip to the beautiful Blue Caves, and explore the traditional villages of the island’s interior.

What are the top things to do in Corfu?

Some top things to do in Corfu include visiting historic landmarks, exploring picturesque villages, indulging in local cuisine, and enjoying water sports and outdoor activities.


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