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Dassia Corfu Guide

On the northeast coast of Corfu, the most commercial and tourist part of the island, rises Dassia. Dassia is a seaside village that thanks to its favourable location and its beautiful coast is one of the most popular destinations on the island of Corfu.

Located between Gouvia and Ipsos, it is a meeting point for many visitors who choose to spend their summer holidays on the stunning Ionian island. Dassia is one of the top destinations of the island and has all the necessary facilities and amenities to satisfy the demands of its visitors.

We did create a guide about Corfu to help you throughout your holidays on the island. Learn more about the Phaecian’s island.

About Dassia Village Corfu Greece

Thanks to its easy accessibility and its cosmopolitan character, Dassia is a popular meeting point for many tourists on the island of Corfu. Being very close to other popular areas of the island, such as Ipsos and Gouvia, Dassia is an ideal choice for those who want to make a pleasant summer break.

Dassia manages to fully meet the requirements of those who visit it by having a well-developed network of facilities. Apart from the signature Dassia beach, many accommodation services are spread throughout the village, offering you various accommodation options at quite friendly prices. In the village you will also find all kinds of shops from traditional taverns to stylish restaurants, with the Kerkyrean cuisine being predominant in their menus.

In short, whichever way you choose to spend your time, it is certain that Dassia Corfu Greece is a must see destination that will give you the best and warmest impressions if you choose to visit it.

Dassia Corfu Things to do

The beautiful Dassia is not by chance one of the most popular attractions on the island of Corfu. The village is equipped with the appropriate tourist facilities in order to serve the large volume of visitors. Indicatively the best things to do in Dassia Corfu are:


  • – Enjoy the famous ”Dassia Beach”
  • – Experience the vivid nightlife in the village’s bars/clubs
  • – Taste the traditional dishes of Corfu in the taverns and restaurants of the village

Dassia Beach

Only half an hour away from the city you will find Dassia. An important attraction is without a doubt the beach of the village. 


Dassia Beach is sandy, long in length, narrow in width and with clear shallow waters. It is framed by sunbeds and various restaurants to grab a bite to eat after a swim. At the beach you will also find a wide variety of watersports. 


Nevertheless, Dassia is a friendly space for kids since it has shallow waters at the edge for them to play without you having to worry about their safety. All you have to do is enjoy the view of the Corfu coast and Albania…

Dassia Nightlife

Finally, you can experience the nightlife in Dassia by visiting one of the many clubs and bars in the village, ending your day with a much needed dose of fun. Many of these clubs are located very close to Dassia beach offering a very cool summer setting


Dassia is famous for its lovely beach that stretches along the coast of the village and attracts a significant number of visitors. However, Dassia Greece nightlife is another trademark for the village, which makes it particularly attractive to young people and beyond.


For those who are therefore looking for a strong Dassia nightlife experience, the picturesque village of Corfu has a great variety of nightclubs and bars where you can enjoy wild parties, exciting events and live music late into the night. Especially bars in Dassia Corfu are a great option for the night.

Dassia Restaurants

One thing you should absolutely do during your stay in Dassia is taste the traditional dishes of Greece and Corfu in particular. By a stroll in the city, you will have already understand the strong influence the Venetians hold on the island. 


This is reflected in the food as well, but Corfiot cuisine has also adopted British and French habits and ways of cooking. Try the signature dishes such as Pastitsado and Sofrito in the many restaurants of the village. 


All in all, Dassia offers a wide array of restaurants, where visitors can indulge in diverse culinary experiences ranging from traditional Greek cuisine to international delights.

Dassia Distances

Below, you can find the distances between the most important points of interest on the island and Dassia Corfu.


  • Corfu Town 25 min. (13,2 km.)
  • Benitses 37 min. (21,1 km.)
  • Corfu Port 17 min. (10,3 km.)
  • Acharavi 40 min. (29,5 km.)
  • Corfu Airport 21 min. (12,1 km.)
  • Ipsos 8 min. (2,7 km.)
  • Kavos 1 h & 17 min (54,6 km.)
  • Glyfada 33 min. (20,5 km.)
  • Roda 35 min. (26,7 km.)
  • Sidari 38 min. (28,6 km.)
  • Paleokastritsa 20 min. (14,8 km.)
  • Lefkimmi 1 hr & 13 min. (50,2 km.)
  • Kassiopi 40 min. (22,9 km.)
  • Pelekas 27 min. (17,8 km.)
  • Agios Gordios 37 min. (25,0 km.)
  • Gouvia 8 min. (3,9 km.)


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Dassia Corfu Weather

Corfu is located in the Ionian Sea, which means that your vacation at Dassia will be mainly hot days at the sea under the sun. You might want to pack a jacket in your suitcase for the night, since at night it will get breezy.


From June till August the temperature of the water is perfect for you to swim and do all kinds of watersports that are available in Dassia beach. You will also be happy to hear that it is very rare to rain during that period, so you can leave your umbrella at home!

Dassia FAQs

Where is Dassia in Corfu?

Dassia is located on the eastern coast of the island of Corfu in Greece.

What is Dassia Corfu like?

Dassia Corfu is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beach and tranquil atmosphere.

Is Dasssia Corfu nice?

Yes, Dassia Corfu is considered a nice area with its scenic surroundings and relaxing vibe.

What to do in Dassia Corfu?

In Dassia Corfu, visitors can enjoy various activities such as swimming, water sports, exploring the local tavernas, and taking scenic walks along the coastline.

Is Dassia a good area in Corfu?

Dassia is generally regarded as a good area to stay in Corfu due to its convenient location, amenities, and natural beauty.

Is Dassia Corfu lively?

While Dassia Corfu offers some nightlife options, it is generally more laid-back and peaceful compared to other livelier areas on the island.

Is Dassia good for nightlife?

While Dassia offers some nightlife venues, it is not known for being a party town like some other destinations on the island.

Is Dassia a party town?

No, Dassia is not typically considered a party town. While it does offer some nightlife options, it is generally more relaxed and laid-back compared to other areas on the island known for their vibrant party scenes.

Does Dassia have a beach?

Yes, Dassia has a beach that stretches along its coast, providing a place for sunbathing and swimming.

Is Dassia a sandy beach?

The beach in Dassia is primarily pebbled rather than sandy.

How far is Dassia from Corfu Town?

Dassia is approximately 12 kilometers away from Corfu Town. To make the most of your visit and have the freedom to explore the island at your own convenience, we recommend considering hiring a car.

How far is Dassia from Corfu Airport?

Dassia is approximately 11 kilometers away from Corfu Airport. To make the most of your visit and have the freedom to explore the island at your own convenience, we recommend considering hiring a car.

Overall Dassia is a traditional tourist resort of Corfu which continues to develop over the years in order to meet the needs of its visitors for relaxation and entertainment.
Whether you're looking to unwind on the pristine beaches or dive into exciting activities, Dassia offers a dynamic destination for an unforgettable stay on the island of Corfu.

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Ipsos Corfu Map

Main Office - Gouvia, Corfu 49 100
Corfu Airport Office - EO Kerkiras Achiliou, Kerkira 491 00

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