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Ipsos Corfu Guide

In Corfu, Kerkira as the Greeks call it, you will find many beautiful villages, most of them on the coast of the island. Ipsos is one at the east side of Corfu only 30 minutes away from the city and the airport. 

There are many restaurants and bars in the area and most of them are by the beach with an amazing view of the crystal blue waters and of course Albania.

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Visit Corfu and choose your favorite accommodation among the dozens located in the area of Ipsos.

About Ipsos Village Corfu Greece

Located just 14 km away from Corfu Town, near Dassia, Ipsos is one of the most commercial spots on the island, attracting many visitors especially during the summer months. Ipsos in Corfu sits at the foot of Mount Pantokrator which overlooks the Albanian coast.

It is a village that is a meeting point for many visitors to the island of Corfu. It combines the peace and tranquility of a picturesque village with a lively nightlife due to the existence of several disco bars and clubs that operate in the area. This is exactly why it is an attraction for young people.

Prices in the village are quite affordable and are one of the reasons that make it a popular resort on the island. Indicatively in Ipsos you will meet many visitors who chose it for a quick summer escape.

Ipsos Corfu Things to do

Thanks to its proximity to Corfu town and its unparalleled beauty, Ipsos has managed to be one of the top destinations on the island. The seaside village of Corfu charms its visitors by offering them a unique combination of tranquility during the day with a lively and vibrant nightlife.


This small seaside village on the east coast of Corfu has many different things to do as well as several interesting aspects with which you can spice up your holiday.


Among the best things to do in Ipsos are:

  • – Enjoy swimming in the famous beach of the village and trying watersports if you are more adventurous
  • – Try the delicious dishes of the island’s restaurants
  • – Experience the lively nightlife of Ipsos, which has made it popular especially with the young crowd.

Ipsos Nightlife

Ipsos Corfu is ideal for a quick summer stopover. But beyond its famous beach, Ipsos nightlife is one of the most striking aspects of the area, hence why it attracts younger people.


In particular, along the main coastal road that connects Ipsos to Corfu town you will find all kinds of shops from bars to traditional tavernas and restaurants.


Also after swimming at Ipsos beach you can visit the nearby beach clubs, many of which operate until the early hours of the morning, making your summer escape in Ipsos truly unforgettable.

Ipsos Beach

Another trademark of Ipsos is the long, pebbled beach where most visitors go for a few moments of coolness and tranquillity. Ipsos Beach has crystal clear and shallow waters, while behind it is the main coastal road of the village as well as many restaurants and bars available to visit after your swim. 


There is no question that you will find many services related to water sports for you to enjoy. As you have already read, at the coastline they are located most of the bars and clubs, so the Ipsos beach has many faces… and you can enjoy them day and night! 

Ipsos Restaurants

We don’t want to brag about it, but Greek cuisine is well known for its handpicked flavors and original dishes, which are made with fresh ingredients directly taken from farmers. Is there any chance that you don’t want to try them? 


You will find many traditional dishes in the restaurants located in the coastline of the village. So after your dive in the waters of Ipsos beach it’s time for some tasting.


Enjoy the refined flavors of Greek dishes by the sea and see which is your favorite one… if you can choose only one! The options are countless and all accessible in no time. 

Ipsos Distances

Below, you can find the distances between the most important points of interest on the island and Ipsos Corfu.


  • Corfu Town 22 min. (9,8 km.)
  • Benitses 31 min. (17,7 km.)
  • Corfu Port 12 min. (6,9 km.)
  • Acharavi 39 min. (29,3 km.)
  • Corfu Airport 18 min. (8,7 km.)
  • Ipsos 10 min. (5,8 km.)
  • Kavos 1 h & 9 min (51,2 km.)
  • Glyfada 28 min. (18,1 km.)
  • Roda 34 min. (26,5 km.)
  • Sidari 37 min. (28,4 km.)
  • Paleokastritsa 19 min. (14,5 km.)
  • Lefkimmi 1 hr & 5 min. (46,8 km.)
  • Kassiopi 58 min. (36,1 km.)
  • Pelekas 23 min. (15,4 km.)
  • Agios Gordios 45 min. (26,5 km.)
  • Dassia 6 min. (3,6 km.)


In short, Ipsos Corfu is a hidden gem that has evolved into one of the liveliest tourist resorts on the island. It is a great destination for holidays and being also just a 20 minute drive from Corfu Town makes it easily accessible and ideal for making a quick stop during your stay on the island.

Nevertheless, to do so you will need a car, which can be provided by car rentals Gouvia. Consult our office and you will find the car that meets your needs in no time!

Ipsos Corfu Weather

Due to the Mediterranean climate Corfu, especially during the summer, has very hot days. July is the hottest month of the year and it is perfect for swimming and other water activities which are coordinated by the services of the region.


At night there is a chance that you’ll need a jacket with you due to the seasonal breezes. However, it will definitely not rain since it is really unlikely for that period, so there’s your chance to discover the beaches of the island.

All in all, Ipsos is not by chance one of the most touristic destinations in Corfu.
Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of nightlife or you prefer the serenity of a quiet summer destination, Ipsos has it all!

Ipsos Corfu Map

Main Office - Gouvia, Corfu 49 100
Corfu Airport Office - EO Kerkiras Achiliou, Kerkira 491 00
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