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When hiring a car with Sluta Leta Corfu Car Rental, you will be also asked to choose among insurance packages offered. We provide two insurance packages:

1. Collision Damage Waiver Coverage

Collision Damage Waiver Coverage is always included in the price. Collision Damage Waiver includes full third party coverage with an excess for your own damages.

Excess is an amount that you have to pay and is not being included in the price. This amount is 450 euros for A, B, C, A1, B1, C1  and 600 for D, D1, D2, E, G, SUV, C1, D1, SUV, Convertible.

2. F.D.W. Coverage

F.D.W. Coverage maintains same excess amounts but full coverage with zero excess for damages regarding windscreen, tyres, glass, undercarriage and mirrors.

24/7 hotline and road assistance is also included in the rental price.

NO insurance package covers off-road driving or driving on the beach and damages caused in the interior of the cars.


If you are in the unfortunate event of an accident with your rental vehicle, please immediately call one of our phone numbers, and we can help you in the communication with the police or with the participants. We will ask that you do not admit liability in any circumstance.Where possible, take some photos of the accident site and the damaged vehicles. We always need to obtain a police report that will help our insurance company to gauge who was at fault.