15 Jun 2023

Corfu Nightlife: Ultimate Guide to Corfu Clubs, Bars & Party

What you will learn from this article

This article is all about partying. Can you handle the heat? Learn about:

  • The best places to party in Corfu
  • The best parties happening in the island
  • Boat rides from day till night with music playing in the background
  • Tips and tricks to keep yourself safe while partying

You don’t want to miss this…

If you are looking forward to travel to Corfu, then we have one more reason that will blow your mind! One of the most cosmopolitan islands in Greece is welcoming you to its magnificent nightlife.


But then your first questions come along… Where is the nightlife in Corfu? Where to party in Corfu?


Well, don’t you worry. If you keep reading you will find the best places in Corfu for nightlife, the Corfu nightlife hotspots, where all the amazing parties are happening and many more!


Time to discover all the party places in Corfu and find out what is your favorite one. Ready to begin…?

Key Takeaways?

    1. 1. Corfu offers a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous hotspots and areas to explore, including Kavos, Acharavi, Sidari & Corfu Town. Each location featured its unique flavor of entertainment.


    1. 2. The island boasts a variety of options, from clubs and bars to beach parties and boat cruises, catering to different preferences and tastes. This variety caters to different preferences and tastes.


    1. 3. It’s important to party responsibly and stay safe by settling boundaries, staying hydrated and avoiding. drinking and driving. Consider renting a car to explore the various nightlife destinations across island.

Corfu Nightlife Hotspots, Areas & Places

Corfu Nightlife Hotspots Areas Places

The best nightlife in Corfu lies in Kavos, Acharavi, Sidari and countless bars and clubs in Corfu Town and in Old Town.


If you want to party all night long and leave only after the sun rises, then those places are for you! The best nightlife Corfu is there and ready to rock your world!

Kavos Corfu Nightlife

Nightlife in Kavos

Kavos Corfu nightlife is well known for its’ intensity. On the main road and in the beautiful alleys you will find over 20 bars and clubs.


Kavos Corfu party is everything you need to escape reality for a while. But except for Corfu Kavos nightlife the village keeps the rhythm high and during the day…

Nightlife in Corfu Town, Old Town & Kanoni

Nightlife in Corfu Town, Old Town & Kanoni

The ultimate Corfu town nightlife is waiting for you… Dozens of bars and clubs for every taste. Music blasting from every corner.


The nightlife Corfu Town is giving you, is simply remarkable. And don’t forget to visit the old Town as well and of course to check the Corfu Town guide. On the contrary Kanoni Corfu nightlife is softer and has just what you need to relax by the beach.

Acharavi Roda & Sidari Corfu Nightlife

Acharavi, Roda & Sidari Corfu Nightlife

Acharavi and Sidari are also really high in the ranking of the places with the best nightlife in Corfu. Acharavi’s bars are mostly in the center of the village while Sidari Corfu nightlife is by the beach, with amazing views to Canal d’amour.


Roda Corfu nightlife is next on the list with many bars and beach clubs for you to go and spend your night.

Nissaki & Barbato Corfu Nightlife

Nissaki & Barbati Corfu Nightlife

Nissaki and Barbati Corfu nightlife are a quieter side of the island. There are a few bars on the beach side for you to enjoy your cocktail with the company of the ocean breeze.


Those two villages are near each other with bars in between them and they are a 30-minute drive away from the center of Corfu.

Benitses, Messonghi & Moraitika Corfu Nightlife

Benitses, Messonghi & Moraitika Corfu Nightlife

Benitses, Messonghi and Moraitika Corfu night life is mainly located by the beach. On the first, there is an area with many restaurants which is almost always crowded… all those people will find their way to the beautiful bars of the village.

Paleokastritsa Corfu Nightlife

Paleokastritsa Corfu Nightlife

Paleokastritsa has many bars all over the area. No matter the type of music you are listening to, there is no way that you will not find a bar that suits your needs and desires.


Explore the alleys and let the music guide you! One thing is for sure… The nightlife Corfu Paleokastritsa is an experience you will never forget.

Ipsos, Dassia & Gouvia Corfu Nightlife

Ipsos, Gouvia & Dassia Corfu Nightlife

Those villages will not let you down! Many bars and clubs are opening their doors and they are welcome you to create unforgettable nights in the island.


Ipsos Corfu nightlife is primarily on the beach front while Gouvia Corfu nightlife is based on the center of the village. The Dassia Corfu nightlife is a combination of the last two. Check out Ipsos guide, Dassia guide and Gouvia Corfu travel guide for a complete experience.

Discotheque Corfu

Discoteche Corfu

A kid of the ’70? A vintage heart? Then you will be absolutely thrilled from what you are about to read…


There is a side of the island that you might not know. Discoteche Corfu is here to stay. Many people that enjoy disco music party all across the island in the many locations that you will find discoteche a Corfu.


Choose now your favorite Corfu discoteche and spend your night there dancing till your feet fell off. Most of the discoteche Corfu are positioned in Corfu Town, but you can browse your options in different areas as well.

Beach Bars Corfu

Beach Bars in Corfu

Can you imagine an island without beach bars? Neither do we! The beach bars Corfu are countless.


They all have a breathtaking view at the most beautiful beaches in Corfu. While the sun sets and the music gets louder, the beach clubs Corfu open and invite you to an ultimate Corfu beach party.


Dancing in the sand with a cocktail in your hand… That’s a picture you definitely want to come true.


That’s why you should have your eyes open for a beach party Corfu. The best beach bars Corfu are everywhere and you will have an amazing time.

Corfu Clubs

Corfu Clubs

Corfu is well known for its large clubs and the many options that you have between them. To be more specific, most of the clubs are located near the port of Corfu, but not few of them can be also found in the old town.


The ones that are in the last one are really popular not only among the locals but tourists too. Corfu clubs mostly play Greek music that is combined with international hits. Corfu nightclubs are open to anyone who wants to have a good time, party all night and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Boat Party Corfu

If you are looking for a Corfu party boat in the middle of the day and with a view of the ocean, then we must say you have just found it. A boat party Corfu is everything you want and need.


Daily cruises that depart from different locations in Corfu offer picnics, barbeques, a tour of the main attractions by sea and of course endless dives in the sea. For your Corfu boat party don’t forget to bring your essentials with you and any medication that you might need.


A party boat Corfu is a one-of-a-kind experience that you should definitely not miss. Choose the night cruises for a more romantic evening.

Corfu Party Town

Corfu Party Town

The absolute capital of partying is Corfu party town. Most clubs and bars are concentrated near the port.

There you will find many people, especially younger ones, dancing and having fun. The large clubs stay open until the break of dawn. But the party town in Corfu doesn’t stop there.

There are many discos, bars and whatever else you can think of in the Old Town district. Whatever you are anticipating is here!

The party town Corfu is offering you a high-quality night out to the best bars out there. It’s time for you to discover them

Corfu Nightlife Strip

Corfu Strip

The Corfu nightlife strip is particularly vivid in the island. You will find Corfu strip not only in the most popular places of the island for their nightlife but in quieter villages as well.


Head out to Corfu Town, Kavos, Gouvia among other places to find exactly what you are looking for. The Corfu nightlife strip is calling you and we are guessing that you want to answer!

Other Corfu Party

Is Corfu good for nightlife you might wonder… The nightlife in Corfu Greece will not let you down!


Whatever party in Corfu you end up going, your night will be incredible. There are many clubs and bars based exactly on your style. What party Corfu would you pick?

Latin Party Corfu

Corfu Latin Party

Among the best Corfu party, many bars and clubs arrange Latin-themed days and nights of course. Discover now your Latin party Corfu and dance like no one is watching!

Toga Party Corfu

Corfu Toga Party

A Toga party Corfu is a Greek- Roman themed costume party. Celebrations like these you will mostly find at the Pink Palace with a lot of Canadians, Australians and Irish people to share your memories.

Tips for Best Nightlife in Corfu Greece

Tips for Nightlife in Corfu

Is Corfu a party island? We think you already know the answer to that.


But that doesn’t mean that you should completely let go of your guards down. There are some things that you need to be careful of while enjoying Corfu Greece nightlife. Keep reading to find all you need to be aware of…

Don’t Drink too much

You can always have fun and make your night memorable, without having to risk your own safety and your health. Set some boundaries and be careful of your alcohol consumption.

Drink Water

Another really important thing is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink water between your cocktails so the alcohol decomposes and that way it will be more difficult for you to get drunk.

Don’t Drive & Drink

The person in charge of driving you back to your hotel room must be sober. That way you will not put your life or anyone else’s life in danger.

Hire a Car

Hiring a car in Corfu might be one of the best decisions you’ll make. That way you can explore the Corfu night life in every part of the island!


Now that you know all the Corfu nightlife areas and the secrets to have an awesome night it is time… to party!


Pick your favorite Corfu party area and dance like you haven’t danced before. Every party place in Corfu has a spot for you!


The question is… where do you want to go? We are sure that you will find out.


Follow our tips to be safe and make your nights as memorable as they get. Corfu will definitely win a place in your heart and you will want to visit the island every year.


What are you waiting for? Book your trip now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Nightlife in Corfu

Is Corfu good for nightlife?

Corfu is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, offering a diverse range of clubs, bars, and entertainment venues.

Where is the nightlife in Corfu?

The main nightlife hubs in Corfu are found in popular areas such as Kavos, Corfu Town, Ipsos, and Sidari.

Is Corfu a party island?

Yes, Corfu is considered a party island, attracting visitors with its energetic nightlife scene and lively atmosphere.

Where to party in Corfu?

Some popular party spots in Corfu include Kavos, Corfu Town’s Old Fortress area, and the strip in Ipsos.

Does Corfu have nightlife?

Yes, Corfu offers a vibrant nightlife with numerous bars, clubs, and entertainment venues to cater to different preferences.

Which part of Corfu is best for nightlife?

Kavos is well-known for its buzzing nightlife and is often considered the top choice for partygoers in Corfu.

Where is the biggest party place in Corfu?

Kavos is known for its lively party scene and is considered one of the biggest party places in Corfu.

Where is the most lively place in Corfu?

Corfu Town, especially the Old Fortress area, is known for its lively atmosphere, bustling nightlife, and a variety of entertainment options.

Is Corfu good for clubs?

Yes, Corfu offers a range of clubs catering to different music genres and preferences, making it a great destination for club enthusiasts.

Is there a strip in Corfu Town?

Yes, Corfu Town has a vibrant strip area known for its bars, restaurants, and lively atmosphere.

Is Corfu good for singles?

Corfu is popular among singles due to its lively nightlife, social atmosphere, and opportunities to meet new people.

Can you smoke in bars in Corfu?

Smoking restrictions in bars and restaurants in Corfu may apply in accordance with Greek regulations. It is advisable to check the specific rules at each establishment.

Is Corfu safe to walk at night?

While Corfu generally has a good safety record, it’s recommended to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings when walking at night, especially in less crowded areas.


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