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22 Jun 2023

Corfu Sandy Beaches: Ultimate Guide to the Best Sandy Beaches

What you will learn from this article

Do you want to explore all the Corfu sandy beaches? This article is meant for you. Get ready to find out about:

  • – The best sandy beaches in Corfu Greece
  • – Tips on what to be careful about
  • – Which car is the best for your holidays in Corfu

and much more…


While visiting the Greek islands you should not miss their magnificent beaches with crystal clear waters. Especially in Corfu you will be mesmerized by the color of the sea combined with the green of nature.


But you might wonder, does Corfu have sandy beaches? Well of course it does. And in this article, we present to you the best sandy beaches in Corfu!


Each and every one of these beaches have amazing views. Some of them are quiet while others play music for you to dance while enjoying a swim.


Some are crowded and some aren’t. Nevertheless, it is impossible not to fall in love with them and you will understand why… 


Key Takeaways

  • 1. Corfu offers a variety of beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, combining the colors of the sea with the greenery of nature.
  • 2. There are several recommended beaches in Corfu, such as Palaikastritsa, Agios Stefanos, Glyfada, Rovinia, Agios Gordios, Issos, Halikounas, Mirtiotissa, Porto Timoni and many more.
  • 3. Tips for visiting Corfu’s sandy beaches include bringing your own beach equipment and snacks, finding the easiest way to reach the beach and renting a car to explore the various beaches on the island.

Want to sunbathe on the best sandy beaches in Corfu?

Are you ready to discover the best beaches in Corfu? These Corfu sandy beaches will blow your mind!


You have endless possibilities regarding where to go and what to do there. The best sandy beaches in Corfu promise you that they will make your vacations unforgettable.


You can head wherever you want. Either North or South, you will come across one of the best sandy beaches Corfu that are loved not only by the locals but by tourists as well.


We know you can’t wait to start exploring the sandy beaches in Corfu… Shall we begin?

Corfu Sandy Beaches

Whether you seek a tranquil escape or an action-packed adventure, Corfu’s sandy beaches cater to all preferences.


From the popular Glyfada Beach with its lively atmosphere and water sports to the secluded bliss of Agios Georgios Beach, each beach holds its unique charm.


Soak up the sun, take refreshing dips, and relish the soothing sound of the waves, as Corfu’s sandy beaches transport you to a realm of pure relaxation and natural splendor.


Paleokastritsa Sandy Beach in Corfu

Welcome to one of the most loved beaches by the tourists and not only! A small beach located in the Northern part of the island.


If you want to reserve a nice spot in one of the best white sandy beaches in Corfu, you should definitely get here early. There are some sunbeds at the beach but there is also some free space if you want to bring your own stuff.


The beach provides you with pedal boats for you to rent. There is free parking only 5 minutes away from the beach.

Agios Stefanos Beach

Agios Stefanos Sandy Beach in Corfu

Now we will move even further north. A very big beach with shallow waters, which makes it perfect for families with little kids. As was the case on the previous beach, there are some sunbeds available but also a free space for you to use.


If you want a more peaceful getaway this is one of the sandy beaches in Corfu that is just what you are looking for. You also have the opportunity to do water sports if you like.


Glyfada Sandy Beach in Corfu

We are moving away from the North in order to visit one of the sandy beaches Corfu in the center of the island. You can park on the street or leave your car in the parking area, where of course you will have to pay a fee.


The beach is big and it has many sunbeds with a large range of prices. It also has an organized beach bar and many restaurants, cafes and mini markets nearby.

Rovinia Beach

Rovinia Sandy Beach in Corfu

Not many people know about this North beach, so you won’t have to worry about it being crowded. There is a boat that passes every one hour and brings you everything you need (coffee, sandwiches etc.), but if you want you can bring food or anything else you will need with you.


You will find several parking spots with a fee. Close by the beach there is a beautiful cave for you to explore.

Agios Gordios

Agios Gordios Sandy Beach in Corfu

Coming back to the center, just a bit southern, you will find one of the best sandy beaches in Corfu Greece that combines nature’s green with the blue of the sea. The beach has sunbeds and many places to get coffee and food.


If you want to find a sunbed near the sea you should get there early. There are many parking spots, some with fee and some others free.

Issos Beach

Issos Sandy Beach in Corfu

This is one of the best sandy beaches Corfu that belongs to the protected areas of Natura 2000. It is also known as the “Sahara of Corfu” due to its sand dunes.


The beach is very large and it is near Lake Korrisson. There is a beach bar there but there are only a few sunbeds, which means you have to bring anything you’ll need.


You can go sailing, have a yacht experience and do other water sports as well. Don’t be surprised if you come across any clay formations, because there are many in the area.

Halikounas Beach

Halikounas Sandy Beach in Corfu

Only a few minutes away by foot there is another of the best sandy beaches Corfu, in the program Natura. There are some sunbeds but mostly, as before, it is up to you to carry the things you’ll need.


Walk across the beach on the beautiful thin sand and enjoy the wonderful view. Let this beautiful scenery steal your heart!

Mirtiotissa Beach

Mirtiotissa Sandy Beach in Corfu

Between the sandy beaches in Corfu Greece, you will also find a nudist beach. The paces here are very calm and you will definitely relax.


There is a Cantina with water, coffee and food which also provides you with sunbeds. You will also find a tavern not far away from the beach.


If you are in search of a small place under the sun where you can enjoy the sea and just be yourself, this is the beach for you!

Porto Timoni Beach

Porto Timoni Sandy Beach in Corfu

One of the most popular sandy beaches on Corfu! How can it not be since we are talking about a double beach!


You can rent a boat- taxi to get there or walk for about 20 minutes. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes!


There is no beach bar there or anything similar to that so you will have to bring your essentials. And once you get there you will not want to leave…

Agios Georgios Pagon

Agios Georgios Pagon Sandy Beach in Corfu

Not far away from Porto Timoni you will come across Agios Georgios. A very large beach with sunbeds for you to use and of course some free spots.


There are many beach bars in the area to get everything you want. You also have the chance to do watersports.


Parking will not be a problem since you will find many parking spots. From here you can also rent a boat to Porto Timoni.

Canal D’amour

Canal D'amour Sandy Beach in Corfu

This beach is loved by so many people…! To begin with, it is one of the very few sandy beaches Corfu that have warm waters.


It has very easy access by car. Stop for a second to admire the view from above and you will not regret it!


If you want to explore a bit further, there is a cave nearby. Just be careful and you will have an amazing time!


Sidari Sandy Beach in Corfu

Really close to Canal d’amour there is a perfectly sandy beach, ideal for families. The waters are warm and shallow for the kids to play and there are many parking spots so the adults won’t have to worry about where to leave their car!


You will be impressed with the unique geological formations that develop from one beach to another. Whatever you need, the beach bar there can provide it to you.

Barbati Beach

Barbati Sandy Beach in Corfu

A beautiful place in the North. It has a lot of sunbeds so you won’t have to worry about carrying stuff with you but it also has some free space.


The access is really easy. Parking won’t be a problem since you will definitely find a place for your car.


The sea is very alluring. At first it is shallow and as you walk it deepens. Perfect for all tastes!

Kerasia Beach

Kerasia Sandy Beach in Corfu

A quiet beach for you to clear your mind… The beach is already equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, but you can bring your own stuff if you want to.


The parking is very easy so you will have absolutely nothing to worry about here. There is also a tavern here to enjoy your meal while staring at the beautiful view.


If you are passionate about watersports or you want to try them out, you can do it here!

Arillas Beach

Arillas Sandy Beach in Corfu

Yet another peaceful and family friendly beach for you to discover! Leave your vehicle at a private or a public parking spot and enjoy the sea…


You can procure from the restaurant there your coffee or any meal you like. At the beach there are of course sunbeds and free spots.


Here too you have the opportunity to try out any water sport you like. The choice is up to you!


Acharavi Sandy Beach in Corfu

If you are looking for a quiet beach near the center of a village, you have just found it! The beach has no sunbeds and it is very big, so pick your favorite spot, leave your towel there and go enjoy the sea.


The waters are deep so you’ll have to be cautious. Other than that the beach is perfect for families.


When you get hungry you can choose between the many restaurants in the area to enjoy your meal.


Liapades Sandy Beach in Corfu

A small, beautiful beach for a day under the sun. The shore is fully supplied with sunbeds.


The key is to go early and not only pick the best sunbed for you but also to find a better parking spot. Two coffeehouses can provide you with whatever you want while you’re enjoying the sea.


You can also rent a boat for daily trips to other beaches or caves nearby.

Agios Spiridon Beach

Agios Spiridon Sandy Beach in Corfu

If being quiet is your style, then this beach is meant for you. This beach is literally never crowded!


Most likely you will have the beach to yourselves. So, finding a place to sit or a parking spot will sure not be an issue.


If you want to explore the place a bit more, there is a lagoon you can also swim in. All at your disposal…

Marathias Beach

Marathias Sandy Beach in Corfu

Moving further on the list, a small beach with an uncanny natural beauty. The access is very easy and once you get there you have many options on what to do.


You can rent pedal boats, do water sports and even visit the monastery of Palaiokastritsa. There are no sunbeds, so we suggest you come early to find the right spot for you.

Avlaki Beach

Avlaki Sandy Beach in Corfu

A beach simply perfect for a family. You can choose between the many restaurants that there are in the area to dine after enjoying your swim at the beach.


If you need a quiet place to escape reality for a little bit, then you should definitely visit Avlaki beach. One of the best Corfu sandy beaches that is also away from the crowds and the noise…


Keep in mind that there are already sunbeds in the coast.


Benitses Sandy Beach in Corfu

You won’t believe this hidden gem that, with your car, is just 10 minutes away from Achilleio. The beach is perfect for kids since the shallow waters combined with the inflatable water toys will make them happier than ever.


The beach has sunbeds but not many since it is already pretty small. Grab a seat at one and enjoy a day at the sea with your family.

What to expect at Sandy Beach on Corfu Island?

Corfu Sandy Beaches

While discovering the island you will come around the best sandy beaches in Corfu. Most of the beaches are fully equipped with sunbeds and they have at least one beach bar to provide you with anything you need.


You will have the opportunity to try amazing and unique watersports in many beaches. Each and every one of them has a beautiful view which you can enjoy in any way you like. Dancing, swimming, reading a book…


The possibilities are endless! To the North or to the South, crowded beach or not, it is complete up to you to decide how you want to spend your days at this beautiful island.

Tips for visiting Corfu’s Sandy Beaches

Tips for Corfu Sandy Beaches

In order to have the time of your life in Corfu’s coastline we will share with you some very important tips. That way you will be prepared and no surprises will come your way. Are you ready…?

Bring beach equipment & snacks with you

Most of the sandy beaches Corfu have at least one beach bar to provide you with sunbeds and anything else you will need. But not all beaches are like that.


With that information keep in mind that you might need to carry your own stuff with you at the beach. Those might be a towel to lay on the sand or a beach chair, snacks, water, and of course, anything else that might be necessary to you.


An extra pair of shoes, a bathing suit to change or some extra clothes, medicine and anything else you can think of. The staff in this category might be needed even if the beach has beach bars with sunbeds.

Easiest way to get there

Before you start your way to get to the beach make sure you have found the easiest way to get to your destination. In many cases in order to arrive at the beach you might have to walk.


But what if that is not the only way? For starters, if you rent a 4×4 you will most likely be able to drive even closer to the beach, something that with a conventional car you wouldn’t be able to do.


Even if any type of car is not able to get closer there might be an easier option. You can rent a boat from somewhere else and go to your destination with comfort!

Rent a Car

The best sandy beaches in Corfu are well known for their beauty. If you want to explore them you will definitely need a car.


Not all beaches are accessible by bus and to rent a taxi to get to your destination will cost you much more than the money you will spend if you rent a car in Kerkyra.


With the help of our company’s experts, you can choose a car that suits your needs and that you really like. That way you will get to your destination in style and comfort. Learn more now! You don’t want to miss this chance…


We assume that before reading this article there was one question in your mind. Are there any sandy beaches in Corfu Greece?


Now that your question is far more than answered, all you have to do is pick your favorite one of the sandy beaches in Corfu (it might be Palaiokastritsa beach or the nudist beach Corfu) and spend your days there making memories and having the best time. Don’t forget to follow our tips and you will be all set!


Corfu is waiting for you… Create an unforgettable summer in one of the prettiest and most unique islands of Greece!

Corfu Sandy Beaches Map

Map - Driving on Scenic Routes on Corfu

Frequently Asked Questions about Sandy Beaches Corfu

Author Spiros

Are Corfu beaches sandy?

Absolutely! Corfu offers several sandy beaches where visitors can bask in the sun and enjoy the soft sands.

Are there sandy beaches in Corfu?

Absolutely! Corfu boasts numerous sandy beaches for beachgoers to enjoy. We highly recommend hiring a car in Corfu to explore the island at your own pace and make the most of your visit.

Does Corfu have sandy beaches?

Yes, Corfu offers a range of sandy beaches that cater to different preferences. We highly recommend renting a car in Corfu to explore the island at your own pace and make the most of your visit.

Where are the best sandy beaches in Corfu?

Some of the best sandy beaches in Corfu can be found along the western coast and in popular areas like Paleokastritsa and Glyfada.

Which side of Corfu has sandy beaches?

Sandy beaches are scattered across various parts of Corfu, including both the west and north sides of the island. We highly recommend to hire a car in Corfu to explore the island at your own pace and make the most of your visit.

What is the closest sandy beach to Corfu Town?

The closest sandy beach to Corfu Town is Mon Repos Beach, conveniently located nearby.

Are all beaches in Corfu pebbles?

No, not all of Corfu’s beaches consist of pebbles. The island boasts a mix of sandy and pebbly shorelines.

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